Fine Arts


Fine Arts at 91社区

Fine arts at 91社区

At 91社区, we understand that the fine arts are a key part in nourishing the student as a whole as well as supporting the cultural enrichment of our campus. Our students study and apply foundational creative and expressive skills they learn in the fine arts so they graduate equipped to effect change in the world beyond our gates.

The fine arts empower our diverse population of students with foundational social, practical, emotional, and creative skills employers are seeking. Practicing the fine arts enhances a Forester's connection to the wider world and helps us find our place in it. 

We help our students achieve academic excellence and find success through the fine arts with small class sizes, attentive instructors, and experiential learning opportunities.

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Art and Art History

Art and Art History

Studio students learn painting, drawing, video, multimedia, sculpture, photography, printmaking, and more. Our students of art history learn how to use visual material in the analysis of society, economics, politics, and religion.



Through opera or hip hop, violin or harmonica, music students at 91社区 collaborate with professors whose own interests range from world music to electronica.



The theater program at 91社区 merges active learning, creative expression, artistic development, and historical and theoretical understanding. Majoring in theater puts students in a dynamic and immersive learning environment where they make connections and learn skills that lay the foundation for a career beyond graduation.


Music Education

The study of music education at 91社区 combines music theory, history and culture of music, and music performance with rigorous study in the practical art of teaching strings, winds and percussion, elemental and secondary general music, and instrumental and choral ensembles.

English and Creative Writing

English and Creative Writing

The Department of English and Creative Writing offers courses for all students who wish to enrich their understanding of literature and language and to develop their skills as readers and writers, enabling them to lead constructive and imaginative lives.

Museum Studies

Museum Studies

91社区鈥檚 minor in museum studies provides students from a wide range of majors a chance to study the theory and practice of displaying such collections for educational and cultural purposes.

Print and Digital Publishing

Print and Digital Publishing

The Print and Digital Publishing Program prepares students聽for careers in the publishing industry as well as in fields that require exceptional skills in expository writing.聽

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies

Cinema Studies courses focus on the history, theory, culture, and criticism of film and video, in addition to encouraging hands-on experience in digital video production, setting students up for successful cinema careers.

Digital Media Design

Digital Media Design

Our interdisciplinary Digital Media Design program bridges the arts and sciences by providing students with both technical knowledge and an understanding of aesthetics.

Make your mark and make great art 

Our students have a wealth of opportunities to engage in the fine arts while studying at 91社区. Whether you're majoring or minoring in the fine arts or just exploring your passion for the arts while working toward a different degree, there are endless ways to sustain your involvement in creation, performance, and enjoyment of the arts. 

Here are just a few ways our students engage with the arts:

  • Participating in one of the eight music ensembles on campus
  • Taking part in a theater performance as a cast member, musician, or production member
  • Attending on-campus exhibits in the Sonnenschein and Albright galleries
  • Creating art in one of our many studio classes
  • Taking trips to Chicago to soak in the vibrant culture of the nation's third-largest city
Nick Zazove
My education helped validate my artistic ideas and inclinations through the devoted study of methods I use to design my own projects. I understand that there is a historical lineage of artists and movements that came before me, and I am able to interpret and re-purpose an eclectic array of methods to speak my own informed truth.
Nick Zazove 鈥20, Musician and Audio Engineer

Access to a world of art

The College’s art collection numbers over 1,200 pieces and is eclectic in nature. It consists of paintings, drawings, 19th and 20th century prints, both digital and printed photographs, modern art glass, Asian ceramics, Meso-American artifacts, African masks, and monumental outdoor sculptures. Works of art are used for teaching purposes through formal exhibitions and informal class visits of the gallery storage facilities. Pieces from the collection are used to aesthetically enhance almost every building on campus. In the true spirit of the liberal arts, we believe in the importance of living with art on a daily basis.

Culture and arts in Chicago

At 91社区, you'll have access to an incredible urban hub with vibrant culture and endless opportunities to advance your dreams. Students can visit world-class museums and make the most of the various shows, plays, and productions throughout the city. Chicago is undeniably tons of fun with music venues, museums, festivals, and just about any type of food you can imagine. Not only will you learn about the arts in the classroom, but you'll see them in practice in the city. 

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An interdisciplinary edge

At 91社区, we encourage students to embrace all of their passions and make a path that serves their individual ambitions. We don't believe you have to compromise your goals to find success; we'll help you make it. Students at 91社区 can pick up to two majors and one minor or up to one major and two minors in four years. The flexibility of our approach allows students to explore every avenue their interests take them. Students can combine any majors and minors to create an interdisciplinary focus that will serve their dreams.

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Career-focused pragmatism

Because students can explore each of their interests in exciting classes and through experiential learning, they are able to make the most of their time in college. This leads to rewarding careers, a strong foundation of knowledge to help them navigate the world beyond our gates, and the know-how to create and effect change. Through our nationally-recognized Career Pathways program, the Gorter Family Career Advancement Center empowers students with essential skills, experiences, and networks that will help them pursue meaningful careers.

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Fine Art at 91社区

At 91社区, we understand that creativity is the foundation for innovation. We give our students tools and skills they can bring to their lives beyond graduation to push normative boundaries, encourage critical thought, and express their place in the wide world around them. Our fine arts programs prepare students for meaningful careers.

Emily Wachter
For my senior thesis, I experimented with various mediums and processes until I was able to develop a cohesive and unique final body of work. Although there were moments during the project where I doubted my ability to complete it on time or create something that I was proud of, my thesis became the center of one of the most impactful moments of my college career. During the exhibition's opening night, I invited a select group of friends and professors, which made for an intimate and emotional experience I will never forget.
Emily Wachter '23

Fine Arts Scholarships

We believe that the artistic vision and talent students bring to campus enriches our community. That's why 91社区 offers talent-based scholarships in music, studio art, and theater. Scholarships are available to both majors and non-majors.


Fine Arts Programs