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Ontonite Trading P.L.C, based in Ethiopia is most prominent and efficient exporter, importer and consultant for  construction ,ICT and related sectors.  We are proud to introduce ourselves as one of the reliable & reputed business organization, with profound experience.

Our Products and Solutions


Your data center is the lifeblood of your organization. Companies are so heavily dependent on the software and technology that they have so heavily invested in that a data center needs to be the lowest risk asset you manage.
Being able to monitor, manage and measure what is going on in your data center at all times is paramount to your business continuity.  Experts estimate that if your data center were to go down, it costs anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars a minute! MPI understands what systems make up a bullet-proof data center and what should integrate together to mitigate your risk even further. Below is a list of all the Design Build Services we offer our customers when they are looking at investing in a datacenter. 
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Ultrasonic Water Meter

Our water metering solutions are based on proven technology and represent the next generation of smart metering.
By combining the newest ultrasonic technology with remote reading, advanced pressure- and leakage surveillance and high end-user involvement, we offer a full product portfolio that covers the water utility’s
core tasks while securing the highest level of control, efficiency and flexibility on the market.
Ontonite delivers solutions in all shapes and sizes. From individual meters and remote reading systems to fully automated service solutions. Despite every project being unique, the starting point is always the same. You, the customer.
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Industrial Solvent and Chemicals

We supply a range of chemical products to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients.  You can check our product lists.

Fleet Management System

Fleet Management System can include a range of functions, such as vehicle financing, vehicle maintenance, vehicle telematics (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, speed management,
fuel management and health and safety management.
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Hospital Management System

The IT system has revolutionized the field of medicine. In this fast-paced world of medicine, it is a daunting task to manage a multi-specialty hospital. A hospital management system (HMS) is a computer
or web based system that facilitates managing the functioning of the hospital or any medical set up. This system or software will help in making the whole functioning paperless. It integrates all the information regarding patients, doctors, staff, hospital administrative details etc. into one software. It has sections for various professionals that make up a hospital.
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Machinery Rental

In need of construction equipment rentals in Ethiopia Ontonite Machinery has what it takes to keep you moving with carefully-inspected rental equipment from top brands, including Caterpillar
and Hitachi. Our rental machinery comes equipped with industry-leading technology and is backed by 24/7 support and service from our team of experienced technicians. Give us a call today.
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School Management System

School management system is a software application which makes school administration and communication with parents hassle-free.

The school management system can be online as well as offline. Online systems are more popular for the obvious reason- accessibility; anywhere anytime. Moreover the system components could be a software (web-based or stand-alone) and/or mobile application(s). The modules that are covered in a school management system are Student enrollment and management, Teacher Management, Attendance, Subject, Class Routine, Study Material / Notes, Syllabus, Exam Marks, Noticeboard, Accounting and Library.

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Video Conference System

Video Conferencing comprises the technologies for the reception and transmission of audio-video signals by users at different locations, for
communication between people in real-time. A Video Conferencing is a telephone with a video display, capable of simultaneous video and audio for communication between people in real-time. 
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Construction Material and Facilities

We represent the best suppliers in construction & facility by provide you the best selection like Pipe Fittings, most competitive prices and the
best customer service in the area.   Our staff pride themselves on being knowledgeable of the products, so you can be sure you are getting the best product to meet your exact need. 
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Our Service


Our consulting is a leading in providing in diverse sector for complex projects across all construction, Engineering industries and ICT.


Based our contact we deliver you product with safety and punctuality.


We have high level and qualified experts for you project setting up and advise.


While installation and after sales support focus on reliability and availability for 24/7 to our clients.

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