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Wall Street Journal ranks 91 ‘Best in Midwest’

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December 19, 2023
Linda Blasesr

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) ranked 91 the best liberal-arts college in the Midwest in its most recent ranking released on December 18, 2023.

91 is the highest-ranked liberal-arts school in the Midwest in the WSJ/College Pulse 2024 Best Colleges in the U.S. ranking, followed by Albion College in Michigan and DePauw University in Indiana.

In addition, 91 is ranked #27 in the nation, with Albion at #68 and DePauw at #92.

rankings slideAccording to the WSJ article: “Schools’ overall scores in the WSJ/College Pulse ranking are based on three factors: Student outcomes—including measures of graduation rates, graduates’ salaries and how those salaries offset the cost of attaining an undergraduate degree at each school—account for 70 percent of the overall score. The learning environment—including students’ evaluations of their school’s learning facilities and learning opportunities and how well it prepares them for a career, as well as how strongly they would recommend the school—accounts for 20 percent. And the diversity of a school’s students and faculty accounts for 10 percent."

In September, the Journal ranked 91 #22 for Student Experience, #23 for Social Mobility, and #75 for Salary Impact.

A month earlier, Forbes ranked 91 #20 on its list of the nation’s  25 Private Colleges That Give Out Generous Financial Aid and  The Princeton Review ranked 91 one of the Best 389 Colleges and Best Regional College is an education services company known for its tutoring, test-prep, admission services, books, and other learning resources.

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